Dr. Simi Foundation with the State Altruism Award 2010

Centro Mujeres was honored by the Dr. Simi Foundation with the state Altruism award. Given in November 2010 in recognition of Centro Mujeres contributions that have improved the health and human rights situation of  the residents of Baja California Sur.


Advocates COPADO wins 2008 State Merit Award

Centro Mujeres’ youth program Jóvenes en Acción was awarded the State Congress’s Merit Award for its  outstanding social contribution and positive impact on the lives of young people in Baja California Sur.


Advocates COPADO wins 2007 County Youth Award

Premio Municipal de la Juventud: The Mayor’s office and county of La Paz awarded Jóvenes en Acción the Premio Municipal de la Juventud, in recognition of the group’s vigorous and tireless efforts promoting reproductive and sexual rights on behalf of young people.


2004 Sol Spirits Pioneer Award

Sol Spirits Pioneer Award:  Teresa Shields and Dr. Monica Jasis were honored at the international Sol Spirits Conferece for their contributions and pioneering work benefiting the women of Baja California Sur

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2003 National Award Rázon de Ser

Razon de Ser:  Foundation MERCED awarded Centro Mujeres the Rázon de Ser prize for its contribution to Mexican society and quality of life in Mexico