Women and adolescents are our primary constituents, and they are actively involved in the organization’s decision-making process regarding what, where, when and how projects and specific actions develop.


Centro Mujeres is led by two founding co-directors. In addition to the directors, Centro Mujeres has a seven-member staff, most of which represent underserved populations. Staff are responsible for executing the strategic plan, goals and objectives of the institution. In addition to the staff, CM is also fortunate enough to maintain a corps of fourteen volunteers who aid in the development of projects and fundraising events.


Mónica Jasis, MD, MPH, PH.D.
Teresa Shields

Our Staff

Carla Alvizo Rubio
Claudia Valdes Valdes
Ambar Cota Galindo
Ana Paola Gpe. Avila Aguirre
Guadalupe Arroyo Baca

Governing Board

Centro Mujeres’ governing board is comprised of five elected members (four women and one man) from a variety of professions and social sectors. The board is the institutions’ legal authority and serves as the strategic decision makers for the institution. In addition they jointly oversee the activities of the organization.

Advisory Board

Centro Mujeres’ advisory board is made up of nine members, most of whom work in human and/or reproductive rights at the national or international level, academically or in the not-for-profit world. The latter serve as advisors to staff and board in key programmatic areas in all phases of our work.