logotipo-dejuveYouth Radio

Reaching teens is sometimes difficult, however Centro Mujeres radio program Derechos de la Juventud, commonly known as DEJUVE (Spanish for Youth Rights) has demonstrated popularity among youth and adolescents. Growing in audience and importance over the last five years –DEJUVE delivers a message that is resonating with youth.

radio-closeupThe radio program is currently running on the public radio station Radio de SudCalifornia every Tuesday at 6:00pm. DEJUVE has evolved to become a great platform for youth expression on current topics of interest and a safe and open space for youth to create a dialog and engage with decision makers and other individuals of authority with candor.

Youth Radio: I really enjoy the program DEJUVE. It is the only program that focuses on issues of importance to young people my age. It is informative and has empowered me to exercise my rights! Thanks to the program, I found out I could get free health care and I registered myself. Now I don’t allow people to undervalue me because of my age. ~ Maria Fernanda, age 19, La Paz