ProACI trains policy makers and professionals in the health, legal and security sectors to increase their knowledge and capacity for action. This has been carried out in congruence with the human rights agenda in treating women, youth and migrant populations.

Compounding efforts of sensitization and action has resulted in new attention protocols, and the development of new leadership in the state with human rights and gender vision. Participants in ProACI’s training have gone on to become state representatives, state prosecutors, top officers within key offices for social development such as the Secretary of Health, Education, and Population, which has been positively impacting policy and practice. Other people trained have become social activists, creating their own organizations for the defense of rights.

In 2015, ProACI provided training for physicians working in public health hospitals around the issue of obstetric violence in an effort to increase the respect of reproductive rights for women.

ProACI also provided training in 2015 for over 80 professionals from the state prosecutors office on the correct use of immediate protection orders in the new penal accusatory system, women’s rights, human rights, and protocols for the attention of victims under the new justice reforms.

Capacity Building: I went to a training organized by Centro Mujeres without having a precise idea of its content. I was curious. Once in the training the information and the hands on practice involved impacted me so much that it made a huge transformation in my personal and professional life. Applying the tools and knowledge from CM’s training I was better able to impact policy and practices regarding violence against women and children. I became a voice and strong advocate for justice that positively contributed to improving the lives and safety of women and children in the state. ~Sofia, graduate from the Leadership Training Institute on Gender, Population and Reproductive Health