Centro Mujeres’ community action programs are know collectively as PROACI and are comprised of:

Ongoing Programs


Jóvenes en Acción (JEA) is Centro Mujeres teen pregnancy prevention and rights promotion program led by and for young people age 15-18. The program aims to increase access to reproductive and sexual health care for teen and decrease the number of violations of teen’s sexual and reproductive rights through peer to peer intervention.
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Derechos de la Juventud (DEJUVE) is a communication program on the rights of young people. DEJUVE includes a weekly radio program on the state public radio station, as well as presence through social media.
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Little Ones is Centro Mujeres sexual abuse prevention program for children ages 4 -6 that is carried out in public preschools in the most marginalized neighborhoods of La Paz.
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Health Education and Reproductive Justice (HER): This program fuses the training of health professionals along with sensitization work on a statewide level to increase the respect and exercise of reproductive rights of women.
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PROMESA: Centro Mujeres program in Community Leadership in Reproductive Health and Rights. PROMESA fosters and increases the capacities of women who then serve as peer resources in their neighborhoods. The program focuses on reproductive health and violence prevention.
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ProAction for Community Health and Safety(Pro Act): This program is CM’s mechanism for tackling emerging needs not covered by state social services. This includes free condom distribution as part of CM’s commitment to preventing the continued infection of HIV/Aids, along with dissemination of basic food packages for agricultural migrant families in vulnerable situations. ProAct also includes information and referral to state agencies by Centro Mujeres for its constituents.
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Other Projects

Expedite Protection (PROEX): A multilevel program designed to impact the epidemic of violence against women. This program includes advocacy, training for professionals and focused public awareness campaigns for the general public.